Our MCTA Members Go the Extra Mile

On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, MCTA Executive Committee met via Zoom to discuss how to help our members and our students in these trying times. One of the most important items on the agenda: helping families in our community to have ready access to food. MCTA voted to donate $1500 to local food banking services to help those in Medina who lack food security.  This donation was due to the efforts of two of our members, Katie Shaffer, MHS History Teacher, and Ed Dargay, MHS Math Teacher, who have been working diligently all year to create a food pantry at Medina High School.

High School Food Pantry. It looks kind of empty. Can you help fill it?

Katie and Ed have solicited donations of money, food, hygiene supplies, and a room in the school for students to “shop” for their families before weekends and holidays. They have spent their free time (hahah! What teacher has free time???) shopping and stuffing backpacks with food for students to take with them. Because of their efforts, many students who would have gone without steady meals outside of the school environment can have access to healthy food, including fruits and vegetables.


Katie, Ed, and crew fill each box with supplies.


Katie and Ed exemplify the motto of MCTA: We ARE Medina. They take care of our families.

  Katie Shaffer
Ed Dargay











For information on how to help feed Medina families, contact the following sources:

For the MHS Food Pantry: Katie Shaffer at shafferk@medinabees.org

For Feed Medina County : www.feedingmedinacounty.org

For Medina County Police Activities League: 330-661-0121

Leadership Summit

On January 28, MCTA President David Hamman and Digital Media Chair Stephani Itibrout attended the NEOEA Leadership Summit.


The theme was “World Cafe,” with groups rotating to different stations for short, interactive presentations on combating educator burnout.

Would you be interested in attending an NEOEA or OEA event? There are many opportunities to learn from our local leaders.  Our next event is NEOEA’s Legislative Reception on Monday, February 24. It is an evening to talk with our area’s legislators over dinner.  The event is free; if you are interested, email David Hamman. See the attached flyer.


The event to follow is MegaConference on Saturday, March 7 from 8:30-noon, where educators can choose to learn about local and national professional issues.  MCTA will sponsor your participation, and breakfast and lunch are included. If you would like to attend, email David Hamman.

The National Education Association Interviews Presidential Candidates

What is the NEA doing about vetting candidates for the Presidential Elections? President Lily Eskelsen Garcia is interviewing candidates with questions submitted by NEA members. Click here to see interviews with Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Wondering how your preferred candidate stacks up to others on the issues? Click here for NEA’s Candidate Comparison tool.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia


On Wednesday, November 20, Executive Committee members attended Building Representative Training at the Medina County Career Center. Chef Tony and his culinary arts students prepared made-to-order pasta dishes as well as salad and desserts.

Chef Tony’s MCCC students prepare pasta dishes for MCTA Building Reps.

Susan Dodge, MCTA’s Labor Relations Consultant, presented Best Practices in advocating for members. Topics included Weingarten Rights, Grievance Procedures, and the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators.

Building Rep Training at MCCC


Do you have questions or concerns about your contract?  Do you want more information on what your Building Representatives and LRC can do for you? Do you wonder if your social media practices are compliant with the Code of Professional Conduct?  See a Building Representative! We are here to help you. Lists of Representatives for each building in the district are on this web page (look at the links at the top of the page).

North Eastern Ohio Education Association Representative Assembly

What did you do with your Saturday? On November 9, Medina Delegates attended the NEOEA Representative Assembly in Painesville, Ohio. It was the 150th birthday of NEOEA, and things were rockin’!

The drum line at Thomas W. Harvey High School greeted us as we ate breakfast, and then we had a celebration in the auditorium.

We heard campaign speeches from candidates to the National Education Association Board of Directors. These Directors will be the liaison between the Ohio Education Association and the NEA. They work on policy and lobbying for laws that will benefit children and educators.

We voted for endorsement of those candidates for the elections to be held at the Ohio Education Association Representative Assembly.

Katie Shaffer and Sherri Hufford line up to vote.


MCTA President David Hamman

A big focus of the RA was the drive for the Fund for Children and Public Education. The FCPE is what funds any sort of political action on the part of the Ohio Education Association or the National Education Association. Our union dues do not contribute in any way to lobbying or candidate endorsement, so the FCPE is important as a means to advocate for children and educators through political action. Members can contribute to the FCPE in two ways:

  1. Payroll deduction ($5.00 per paycheck can make a big difference!)
  2. Periodic donations through Building Representatives or meetings

Jeff Wensing, Vice President of the Ohio Education Association, gave us four examples of how FCPE donations made a positive impact for students and educators:

  1. Our lobbying has changed the requirements for RESA (Resident Educators Program), and we are continuing to pressure legislators to drop RESA requirements and replace them with funding for mentor programs.
  2. Lobbying is currently in place to stop state takeovers of failing school districts. We can see the harm these takeovers cause just by looking at Lorain, Youngstown, and East Cleveland.
  3. Our efforts have decreased state testing requirements, and we are pushing for further rollback in state testing.
  4. We continue to fight for fair school funding.

Without your donations, we can’t advocate for these causes and others that help us to educate children. Please see your building representatives to donate to FCPE.

Good news! Medina City Teachers Association has won the Five Star Award! This award is given to local unions that meet five of the following requirements:

  1. Send a representative to both NEOEA Representative Assemblies
  2. Send a representative to both OEA Representative Assemblies
  3. Send a member to attend at least one NEOEA workshop other than NEOEA Day
  4. Send a representative to at least half of the meetings of UniServ Council
  5. Have at least 25% of its members contributing to the Ohio Fund for Children and Public Education
  6. Submit an application for at least one award.

Congratulations to us!