Your 2019-2020 Delegates

Congratulations to 2019-2020 MCTA Delegates to the North East Ohio Education Association and Ohio Education Association Representative Assemblies:

Austin Argabright

Bradley Dalzell

Ed Dargay (OEA alternate)

David Hamman

Sherri Hufford

Stephani Itibrout

Connie Lahr (OEA alternate)

Laina Makepeace

Tricia Schuck

Katie Shaffer

Rob Thompson

Our Medina Delegates will attend two NEOEA RAs and two OEA RAs this school year. They will participate in debates and voting over New Business Items concerning resolutions and policies in education.  Do you want to observe a Representative Assembly? Contact MCTA President David Hamman, who can arrange for you to be a non-voting observer.

Would you like to follow the Delegates in their journey through the RAs? Read the posts from our Blog, embedded on this webpage.

Also, follow MCTA on its Twitter and Facebook pages and through #WeAreMedina!