MCTA General Assembly Notes

On Wednesday, April 22, MCTA hosted a Spring General Assembly via Zoom. Approximately 60 members attended. The purpose of the assembly was to elect our MCTA President, present the procedure for nominating Building Representatives, and discuss online schooling as it pertains to the contract.

David Hamman was elected unopposed as President per OEA election guidelines and MCTA bylaws. 

There are open positions for Building Representatives in each school. If you are interested in running for the position, email Jodi Dobbens at For more information on the responsibilities of Building Rep, ask your representatives in your school. The list is available on this site under the Local Information tab.

President David Hamman spent much of the meeting explaining guidelines that MCTA and Administration have worked on to accommodate online schooling during this time. Want more information? See the Know Your Contract tab on this site. 

David also shared data from the survey sent to elementary school teachers about conference scheduling. 

Please join Executive Committee for any meeting; members are always welcome! Your voice is the most important voice in our union. Together we are strong!

Our MCTA Members Go the Extra Mile

On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, MCTA Executive Committee met via Zoom to discuss how to help our members and our students in these trying times. One of the most important items on the agenda: helping families in our community to have ready access to food. MCTA voted to donate $1500 to local food banking services to help those in Medina who lack food security.  This donation was due to the efforts of two of our members, Katie Shaffer, MHS History Teacher, and Ed Dargay, MHS Math Teacher, who have been working diligently all year to create a food pantry at Medina High School.

High School Food Pantry. It looks kind of empty. Can you help fill it?

Katie and Ed have solicited donations of money, food, hygiene supplies, and a room in the school for students to “shop” for their families before weekends and holidays. They have spent their free time (hahah! What teacher has free time???) shopping and stuffing backpacks with food for students to take with them. Because of their efforts, many students who would have gone without steady meals outside of the school environment can have access to healthy food, including fruits and vegetables.


Katie, Ed, and crew fill each box with supplies.


Katie and Ed exemplify the motto of MCTA: We ARE Medina. They take care of our families.

  Katie Shaffer
Ed Dargay











For information on how to help feed Medina families, contact the following sources:

For the MHS Food Pantry: Katie Shaffer at

For Feed Medina County :

For Medina County Police Activities League: 330-661-0121