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Online Instruction: What’s in the Contract?


The MCTA Bargaining Team works with the Board of Education Team to come up with a solid contract that can guide us in most teaching circumstances, but sometimes we can’t anticipate all the situations life throws at us. For example, who knew that we would be continuing our instruction for the school year from our living rooms? When irregular situations arise, the Bargaining Team works out appropriate Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). A Memorandum of Understanding is an agreed-upon addition to the contract which can address situations that didn’t exist when the contract was originally ratified. Sometimes MOUs can be permanent; sometimes they can be temporary.  In this case, the MCTA Bargaining Team and the Board of Education Team have come up with some temporary MOUs to guide us during these challenging times. Members can access these MOUs in the same place as the contract: the shared MCTA drive. We encourage you to read through the MOUs as they pertain to online instruction, and if you have any questions or concerns, contact your Building Representatives. You can find a list of Building Representatives on this website under the Local Information tab. Let’s work together to finish this year successfully!


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Rob Thompson

You’ve had ‘em. I’ve had ‘em. We’ve all had those hiccups that hit us unexpectedly. Maybe you have more students in your class than you have chairs. Maybe your prescription order got goofed up. Maybe there are some questions you need answered about OTES. Maybe there’s a hang-up with your insurance. Before your particular hiccups turn into a full-on episodic hyperventilation event, try these remedies.

Start with those immediately involved with your issue to clarify whether or not there really is an “issue”. It’s amazing how often a friendly, open conversation (even or ESPECIALLY with your administrator) can bypass a problem. It might sound too simple, but if you have a problem with a prescription, call the pharmacy first and get their take on the situation. A question about your paycheck? Call payroll. An insurance question? Call Medical Mutual. Class size? Working conditions? Sick Leave? Personal Leave? Go to the MCTA Google drive and check out our contract–it’s there.

If talking with those immediately involved isn’t easing your situation, then find an MCTA rep. Your building reps are well versed in our contract…and if we don’t know the answer immediately, we’ll get it to you shortly. Come see any of us about any issue, lingering questions, or concerns. Check the Local Information tab at the top of this webpage for a list of all building representatives.

Your building reps are your advocates…use us.

Have a question about the contract? Leave a comment, and we can address your issue in the next edition!

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