MCTA General Assembly Notes

On Wednesday, April 22, MCTA hosted a Spring General Assembly via Zoom. Approximately 60 members attended. The purpose of the assembly was to elect our MCTA President, present the procedure for nominating Building Representatives, and discuss online schooling as it pertains to the contract.

David Hamman was elected unopposed as President per OEA election guidelines and MCTA bylaws. 

There are open positions for Building Representatives in each school. If you are interested in running for the position, email Jodi Dobbens at For more information on the responsibilities of Building Rep, ask your representatives in your school. The list is available on this site under the Local Information tab.

President David Hamman spent much of the meeting explaining guidelines that MCTA and Administration have worked on to accommodate online schooling during this time. Want more information? See the Know Your Contract tab on this site. 

David also shared data from the survey sent to elementary school teachers about conference scheduling. 

Please join Executive Committee for any meeting; members are always welcome! Your voice is the most important voice in our union. Together we are strong!

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  1. The information about Katie and Ed should go to the Gazette, maybe even Akron Beacon Journal. Many more people should know how teachers take care of our kids.

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